Vanessa Sinclair

Executive Director

Vanessa Sinclair became the Executive Director in January of 2020. Prior to that, she was the Assistant Executive Director since 2017. She holds a Bachelor Degree and Teaching Credential from Sacramento State University and obtained her Masters in Educational Leadership from Brandman University. Vanessa taught 2nd grade in the United Arab Emirates as well as has numerous years of teaching K-6 reading, comprehension, phonics, and English Language Development in Southern, CA. She joined EDCC as a teacher at Frederiksen Elementary for a couple of months before becoming the Site Director at Dublin Elementary for 4 years prior to her promotion in 2015 when Vanessa became an EDCC Curriculum Mentor.

As an EDCC Curriculum Mentor, she helps create a synergy between all of our EDCC centers by implementing innovative curricula that incorporate STEAM, sports, coding, cooking, tinkering labs and much more. Vanessa is leading the way in our STEAM curriculum. She continues to share her love of STEAM curriculum with EDCC while serving as EDCC’s Executive Director.