Our EDCC teachers are committed to creating a caring and stimulating environment while being responsive to your child’s needs.

Serving children enrolled in  TK/Kindergarten through Fifth Grade at schools in Dublin Unified School District and at Walnut Grove Elementary in the Pleasanton Unified School District.

Why Parents Choose EDCC

Child care can be a stressful and worrisome item for parents. At EDCC our goal is to eliminate that problem for you. We can assure you that we will love and nurture your child as well as guide him/her through stimulating activities during their hours at our 9 different school locations.

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Parent Testimonials

I just want to say thank you for all the love and support you have not only provided the children but parents too. I know your employees have a very challenging time and it can be stressful. At times they may even think “Why am I doing this job?”

But I wanted to let you know that the job they are doing is impacting my child for his future and shaping him to be a Citizen in this big world of opportunities. That in itself is irreplaceable but takes so much talent.

A really big thank you and to you and your staff. I know we have had some challenges but you all have handled them so gracefully.   I believe all the parents appreciate you and your team. Keep up the fantastic job and keep smiling.

EDCC Parent at Dougherty – Rami Tumber

I am beyond impressed. EDCC continues to wow me with their creative and rich instruction and projects. The range of activities that my son is able to participate in is nothing that I would have ever expected. I am amazed with the teachers and their hands on involvement (example: outside: playing, not watching, with the kids on fantastic physical education games). The cooking, language, art, performing arts…WOW! And, I have to say, the teachers make the environment look like a museum. The boards they put together are award winning.

EDCC Murray Parent

My daughters truly enjoy the company of their EDCC teachers! The teachers are warm, friendly, and attentive. They have great activities for the kids; my daughters come home with all sorts of artwork and more. I appreciate that EDCC is open during many school “off” days. Natalie, the director, is super helpful and friendly. Glad EDCC is on-site with Walnut Grove elementary school; it’s convenient and safe.

EDCC Parent at Walnut Grove – Linh Van

As parents, we constantly question the decisions we make regarding our children and EDCC has helped simplify that decision!

The support of the teachers has been outstanding. They are willing to try new things and help my child grow and learn at her own pace. I like the fact that the teachers and staff are very caring. I love the staff here and I feel that they are always here for me as well as my child. I’ve often said to others that it’s so hard to tell when the teachers and staff are having a bad day because they are always so pleasant and friendly in general. I feel very involved in the program and comfortable with staff and teachers. I can always come to them with any need and they help me.

I am happy to know that my child is in a nurturing environment with teachers who genuinely care about her wellbeing and happiness.

Parent of Kindergartener at Fred EDCC – Sandhya Gopalan

My son LOVES EDCC. He never has once complained about going and typically wishes he could stay a little longer. He has built special relationships with the staff and it is not uncommon to talk about him wanting to do something special for them, or tell me about something delicious Ms. Monica made, or a game he played with another teacher… he feels loved, connected and as a parent, I do not think there is a better place he could be.

EDCC Green Parent – Julie Parsley

Good afternoon, both of my sons really love it at EDCC. They constantly talk about how they do art work and how the teachers are so nice. When I pick them up, they never want to leave and I sometimes have to promise them a toy at Walmart to be able to get them to leave.

One night during bedtime, my little son in kindergarten said to me, mummy I miss Miss Tina. (Miss Tina is one of the kindergarten teachers).  This makes me happy that my boys are loved at EDCC.

Thanks to all the staff members for all you do. I appreciate you all.

EDCC Parent at Walnut Grove – Esther Adeyemi

EDCC Management Team

Meet Our Talented EDCC Management Team. We are dedicated
every day to making EDCC the best child care in the Tri-Valley

Vanessa Castillo

Executive Director

Marin McElhany, MBA

Vice President

Christine Madali

Business Manager

Vanessa Castillo and Noreen Casabar

Curriculum Specialists

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