Welcome Back To School EDCC Students!


Work at EDCC

The Directors and Teachers at EDCC are committed to creating a caring and stimulating environment for all students. EDCC hires quality staff who meet and exceed the California requirements for child care teachers and are carefully selected for their professional skills in working with children.   All of our teachers are well-trained, experienced, and competent professionals, who are responsive to all children’s needs.
We invite you to apply online for a position on our team by selecting a job below or visit our page on Zip Recruiter
Salary - Varies based on experience, degree and certifications but comparable to district teachers.
Lead Teacher
Salary - $21.00-$31.00 dependent on experience and degree. 
Salary - $17.00- $20.00 dependent on experience and degree.
Teacher's Assistant
Salary - $15.50-$16.50 dependent on experience.