Welcome Back To School EDCC Students!


Why Kids Love EDCC


EDCC offers a variety of enrichment activities to enhance a child’s social, physical and educational growth. The daily program encourages students to explore and learn in a safe, fun, and well-supervised environment. The activities and curriculum foster a child’s interest in sports, art, drama, dance, science, computers, cooking, music, public speaking, literacy, mathematics and so much more.


Our year-long program focuses on bringing kids together in activities that teach empathy, inclusion and the celebration of diversity, as well as aligns with the Dublin and Pleasanton School District’s curriculum. Our summer program is filled with wonderful field trips and shows that are exciting and educational. These aspects of the program help the children close the achievement gaps while they continue to learn all year long. EDCC is especially proud of our yearly holiday programs that engage all of our students learning needs by providing visual, auditory, kinesthetic, verbal, and social aspects to create a very special presentation for our students, parents, and school community.


Teachers love to inspire their students and EDCC loves to hire the best candidates that are qualified and desire to be lifelong learners. Our teaching teams collaborate and create engaging lessons to inspire their students to have a voice and choice that help them learn how to be productive members of their society that give back. One of the ways EDCC teaches this is by participating in seasonal activities that give back to our local community such as, Dubin Integrity in Actions Character Education program, Dublin Partners in Action Holiday Pop Up Shop organized by Blue Oaks Church, Valley Community Church with the support of Workday, BOMBAS sock donations and so much more!

Why Kids Love EDCC

I love EDCC because the teachers are kind and caring. We have fun activities and yummy snacks every single day. But what I enjoy the most are the teachers.

Chipei- 4th grade – Amador

I like EDCC because I like cooking projects, because we get to eat it!

Gianna Solari – Walnut Grove

I like EDCC because I get to go on field trips with my friends!

Helena (2nd) – Kolb

I like EDCC because we make new friends.

Gregory (1st) – Kolb

I like the projects and when we get to build stuff.

Merritt Bahl – Walnut Grove

I love EDCC because Monart is so fun to draw step by step.

Bailey R., 3rd – Frederiksen

EDCC is where people get along, have fun, and do lots of activities!

Nate L. – Cottonwood

I loved the Whole Body Health week, it was fun learning about nutrition and how many calories are in things like soda and candy.

Maion C., 3rd – Frederiksen

I like engineering because you learn a lot about collaboration and teamwork.

Taliya A.C., 4th – Frederiksen

I like playing with the cool learning toys we have like the gear set because I have fun building robots!

Viaan D. – Cottonwood

Monart is one of my favorite activities to do at EDCC because it can be peaceful.

Elliot M., 3rd – Frederiksen

I like science because it blows my mind.

Macky W., 4th – Frederiksen

I like EDCC because my teachers are cool and friendly and fun.

Zoe (1st) – Kolb

I like EDCC because they help me learn new things!

Gowri S. – Cottonwood

EDCC has awesome lessons.

Sophie N. – Cottonwood

I like EDCC because I like the activities they have. It’s really fun here!

Ruhi D. – Cottonwood

I like EDCC because I can play with my friends

Ayush Mukherjee – Walnut Grove

I love EDCC because of the field trips, activities, and my friends are here.

Kaylann S., 4th – Frederiksen

I like Friday Movie Day being able to bring a toy from home.

Parker B., 2nd – Frederiksen

EDCC teaches you lots of fun things and they do cool activities. Oh, and their snack is amazing!

Devin H. – Cottonwood

I love EDCC because I like spending time with the teachers because they have good projects that I can commit to. I like spending extra time with my friends at recess and if you are here in the summer, you get to go on field trips, like Chuck E Cheese, bowling, movies and the museums.

Aleena- 5th grade – Amador

I like EDCC because the Teacher are so nice.

Arya C. – Cottonwood

I like EDCC because you make us better artists.

Adi (kinder) – Kolb

My favorite engineering project that I did at EDCC was making a baseball field out of construction paper because I got to work on it with my friend and it connected to a sport I like.

Grace M., 3rd – Frederiksen

I love EDCC because I get to be happy with my friends and learn to build.

Ella S., kinder – Dougherty

I like EDCC because we are always learning new things.

Jahnavi (4th) – Kolb

I like EDCC because I learned how to write my name.

Avika (kinder) – Kolb

I love EDCC because we get to science and build things.

Arjun K., kinder – Dougherty

I love EDCC because we do kids dance and learn music.

Aadya T., kinder – Dougherty

I like doing the holiday play!

Elliot M., 3rd – Frederiksen

I like Science because we get to do volcano explosions!

Aryan (kinder) – Kolb

What I love about EDCC is the staff is really determined to push kids’ creativity beyond the sky’s limits.

Anoushka Lalwani – Walnut Grove

At some after school programs they don’t do the same cool things we get to do. I love having recess, playing Wii, and eating the snacks!

Luke F. – Cottonwood

I like the partner engineering projects because you get to create things and build friendships

Tom Simon – Walnut Grove

The reason why I love EDCC is because we have lovable teachers that lead me to create all the art I can make.

Luke M. 3rd – Dougherty

I like to do yoga at EDCC because it calms us down and it’s fun! My favorite pose is tiger pose and the duck pose.

Kaylann S., 4th – Frederiksen

I love EDCC because they care about us, they keep us safe and every teacher is nice. It is also very exciting at EDCC with all the different activities, especially the Harry Potter theme we did a few months back.

Hayden- 5th grade. – Amador

I love EDCC because we have the best memories.

Khole L. 5th – Dougherty

I like EDCC because you guys make fun projects.

London Nozicka – Walnut Grove

I like to do art at EDCC because our art projects connect to the theme of the week and each time we learn something new!

Valentina S., 3rd – Frederiksen

I love EDCC because EDCC is full of fun learning activities. I also love EDCC because they celebrate holidays with joy and fun. and the EDCC teachers keep me and everyone happy.

Anushka B.,3rd – Dougherty