Our Program

EDCC offers a variety of enrichment activities to enhance a child’s social, physical and educational growth. The daily program encourages students to explore and learn in a safe, fun, and well-supervised environment. The activities foster a child’s interest in sports, art, drama, dance, science, computers, cooking, music, public speaking, literacy, and mathematics.
The EDCC curriculum includes these programs:


Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math Lessons and activities that prepare our students and give them the 21st-century skills they need to solve real-world problems, make sense of information, gather and evaluate evidence and make their own informed decisions.

Physical Education

Education that aims to develop the student’s knowledge, skills, and confidence in physical activity. Some programs we are currently using are SPARKS PE, Cosmic Kids Yoga, Happy Feet Dance, Go Noodle and Skillastics.


EDCC prides itself on providing a music-rich experience for children to help tap into multiple skill sets that will enhance and drive creativity in our students. Every year each center puts on a holiday performance which incorporates singing, dancing and speaking. Music K-8 is the curriculum used as well as Music for Minors which every Director and Lead Teacher is trained in.

Social-Emotional Learning

At EDCC we focus on fostering our student’s development of their self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship skills, and social awareness through a variety of SEL curriculum. Some centers use Kimochis as communication tools to help students recognize and manage their emotions. Others may use the MindUp curriculum which empowers students to foster their own well-being through mindful practice which is based on neuroscience. All centers use a variety of tools to help aid all students with their SEL growth.

The Arts-Arts Attack, Monart & Art Mania

Since the Arts is a core foundation at EDCC our teachers utilize a variety of programs and mediums to introduce different techniques to the students. Arts Attack is a video-based art curriculum with lesson plans for grades K-8 that is aligned to meet all standards. Monart is a realistic drawing curriculum that breaks down the basic lesson into simple, medium and complex projects for all ages.

Our Program Moments