Work at EDCC



Provides assistance in implementing appropriate school-age experiences in accordance with the policies and philosophy of EDCC. 


  1. Works under the supervision of the Lead Teacher and Site Director.
  2. Reports directly to the Site Director.
  3. Provides careful and effective supervision of children’s activities as assigned.
  4. Assists with curriculum activities to provide positive learning experiences for children
  5. Assists children in maintaining the standards of behavior set by the program by using non-punitive disciplinary methods and positive reinforcement strategies as demonstrated by the Site Director and teachers.
  6. Assists in uploading STEAM lessons onto the EDCC google drive platform to share with other centers.Understands and uses Google drive applications (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar).  EDCC will provide training if necessary.
  7. Utilizes multiple modes of technology such as iPad, Chromebooks, and Android Tablets to instruct and create lessons that emphasize the 21st century learning styles.
  8. Provides careful and concentrated supervision of play areas as well as the classroom to ensure children’s safety and learning.
  9. Stands the entire time while monitoring children on the play structure, black top area, and grassy area during recess and while at the swimming pool.
  10. Cooperates with other program staff to create and maintain a harmonious and efficient environment.
  11. Interacts positively with parents and refers appropriate questions and concerns to program teachers and director.
  12. Carries out cleaning duties daily in a timely manner.
  13. Performs clerical duties as assigned.
  14. Attends all staff meetings and training sessions.
  15. Participates in planning program curriculum as assigned.
  16. Carries out other duties as assigned.


  1. Must be 18 years old or older or be enrolled in ROP class.
  2. Be willing to take classes in child development.
  3. Experience working with children.
  4. Ability to relate positively to children and adults.

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