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POLICY:  LEAD TEACHER JOB DESCRIPTION                              POLICY NO.: 2.4 B


Plan, coordinate, and implement appropriate school-age experiences in accordance with the EDCC policies and philosophy of EDCC. 


  1. Works under the supervision of the Site Director.
  2. Reports directly to the Site Director.
  3. Supervises and facilitates curriculum activities to provide positive learning experiences for EDCC children.
  4. Uploads STEAM lessons onto the EDCC google drive platform to share with other centers. Understands and uses Google drive applications (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar).  EDCC will provide training if necessary.
  5. Utilizes multiple modes of technology such as iPad, Chromebooks, and Android Tablets to instruct and create lessons that emphasize the 21st-century learning styles.
  6. Incorporates all curriculum into their program that was given to them by Curriculum Specialists.
  7. Supervises all staff that works with them, upholding and adhering to all EDCC policies outlined in the Employee Handbook.
  8. Sets and maintains appropriate standards for children’s behavior using non-punitive methods which teach self-discipline while supporting children’s self-esteem.
  9. Provides careful and concentrated supervision of play areas and in the classroom to ensure children’s safety and learning.
  10. Stands the entire time while monitoring children on the play structure, blacktop area, and grassy area during recess and while at the pool.
  11. Carries out cleaning duties daily to ensure safety and hygiene for students and staff.
  12. Carries out facility maintenance duties as assigned.
  13. Attends all staff meetings, lead teacher meetings, and any other training session put on by EDCC.  For example a training on the employee attendance portal (T-Sheets). 
  14. Provides the director with timely input on needed program supplies and materials.
  15. Maintains a cooperative relationship with all EDCC staff members and directors.
  16. Interacts positively with all parents and refers all questions and concerns to the Site Director as appropriate.
  17. Acts as temporary director in the absence of the Site Director.
  18. Carries out other duties as assigned.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree or Associates Degree in Child Development plus 6 months’ experience in working with children, OR
  2. Minimum of 12 ECE (Early Childhood Education) units of college coursework including general areas of child growth and development; or human growth and development; child, family, and community; and program curriculum, plus 6 months of experience in a licensed day care center or similar educational program.
  3. Minimum of 6 ECE units to begin work as a teacher if they are registered to complete the required units, at least 2 units each semester, until they reach 12 units.
  4. Proven ability to interact with others in a positive manner and have training and leadership skills.
  5. Ability to use and learn new technologies in order to keep up with the 21st-century learning skills.
  6. Show an interest in researching and presenting new age-appropriate curriculum.
  7. Ongoing interest in personal and professional development.
  8. Current certification in First Aid & CPR hours totaling 15 hours.

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