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POLICY:  SITE DIRECTOR JOB DESCRIPTION                              POLICY NO.: 2.4 A


Develop, plan, coordinate, and evaluate all aspects of the EDCC school-age child care program in accordance with the policies and philosophy of EDCC. 


  1. Works under the supervision of the Executive Director.
  2. Oversees the day-to-day operations of a school age child care program in compliance. with federal, state, and program policies, procedures, and regulations.
  3. Ensures the safety, health, and welfare of each child in the center.
  4. Supervises all staff members to create a harmonious and efficient working environment.
  5. Participates in hiring and evaluating of staff members.
  6. Encourages professional growth of staff and schedules staff training opportunities.
  7. Plans and facilitates staff meetings on a weekly and monthly basis.
  8. Understands and uses Google drive applications (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar) as well as Employee Attendance Online Portals. EDCC will provide training.
  9. Conducts monthly fire safety and earthquake safety drills.
  10. Interacts with parents to keep them informed and answers their questions.
  11. Provides a monthly parent newsletter and snack menu to keep parents informed of the center’s and their child’s activities using Publisher or Google applications.  
  12. Uploads photos and videos to a social media site to share with parents pictures of their child’s daily activities.
  13. Maintains an adequate library of relevant educational materials for both staff and parents.
  14. Represents the EDCC program in various community events, groups, meetings and conferences.
  15. Maintains an inventory of program supplies, food, equipment, technology and other necessary supplies/materials by ordering or purchasing in a timely manner.
  16. Maintains a center that is always clean and organized.  All supplies are put away, labeled and easily accessible to staff at all times. 
  17. Any storage shed or facility must be clean and well organized with curriculum supplies and/or equipment neatly stored and labeled so that they are easily accessible.
  18. Plans and puts on an annual holiday performance for the students, parents and families to enjoy, also inviting the school staff to attend. 
  19. Maintains a safe and orderly program environment by arranging for repair/replacement of all types of equipment and the regular cleaning of program areas.
  20. Directs all planning of program curriculum and approves curriculum turned in from staff by meeting with each staff member monthly to discuss their lessons and make sure they are age-appropriate and follow the expectations set forth by EDCC of a quality lesson. 
  21. Directly supervises children during homework time as well as other activities.
  22. Provides accurate and timely information on program operation to the Executive Director or Director of Business Services as requested.
  23. Accurately completes all monthly reports requested by management, including reports on employee attendance and collection of tuition.
  24. Personally holds employees accountable to the policies listed in the personnel policy manual. This includes conducting verbal warnings and written warnings when necessary.
  25. Conducts a Provisional Performance Appraisal on New Hires within 90 days of hire.
  26. Continues his/her own professional growth through reading & researching, workshop participation, college classes, training, conferences and growth seminars. Will share newfound knowledge with staff as well.


  1. Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education or another major plus 3 units administration, 3 units child development and 1-year experience, OR
  2. Associate of Arts in Child Development plus 3 unit’s administration and 2 years’ experience, OR
  3. 12 ECE units covering child development, child, family, and community, and curriculum plus 3 units administration and 4 years’ experience, OR
  4. Child Development Site Supervisor Permit issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
  5. Proven ability to work effectively with school-age children, adult staff and parents, preferably in a supervisory capacity
  6. Demonstrated skills in communication, both written and verbal
  7. Current certification in First Aid & CPR totaling 16 hours

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