Parent/Staff Education

Cheryl and Marin McElhanyWelcome to EDCC’s Parent/Staff Education Link. On this page, we will provide useful information provided by experts in the field of child development, parenting education, professional development, and other areas of education and family issues pertinent to our parents and staff. Parents are welcome to ask questions or share concerns for which they might want our viewpoint or input.
Doris Dannels
EDCC has been in business for 32 years, and Dr. Cheryl McElhany, the founder and President of EDCC was a teacher, Principal, District Administrator, and College Professor during the past 35 years. Along with Doris Dannels, currently the EDCC’s Executive Director, and Marin McElhany, Human Resources, we have an excellent foundation of expertise to draw from to provide our parents and staff with current important and relevant information related to child development.

Informational discussions about current medical research findings on serious childhood diseases or afflictions, such as epilepsy or autism might be covered, as well as lighter, easier topics, such as healthy nutrition recommendations. Our goal is not to clutter our website with a lot of information easily obtained elsewhere, but to include pertinent information that applies to our children, parents, and staff living in the East Bay Area of Northern California. We hope you will check in weekly for updates and helpful information.