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Simplify Your Sunscreen Routine Once and For All.

[We continue to thank Dr. Mom for her great articles and permission to link our parents to her website.  Here is more valuable information.] Doesn’t this picture make you think…oh, how fun. A nice, laid-back summer afternoon…heading to the pool. But parents, we know the truth. And the truth is the moments (or what seems […]

Help your child keep seasonal allergies at bay.

Help your child keep seasonal allergies at bay DR. Mom checks in with some good advice on seasonal allergies. Spring is here and with all the beautiful blooms and warm days comes the tree and grass pollen (the most common Spring allergy triggers). Combine that with the wind and kids spending more time outside and […]

Poison Prevention Week: Keep an eye on these 5 danger zones

Dr. Mom has another great article going this week. Take a look. If you have a toddler or preschooler, then you know they are a fast and curious bunch. They love exploring, and at this age they inspect with their mouths first and ask questions later. While a little dirt or sand never really hurt […]

Limiting Screen Time For Children

We’re living in a media world. No doubt about that. In fact, media follows us wherever we go these days, according to Dr. Mom, who wrote in her daily column, Confessions of Dr. Mom,  about the side problems associated with too much technology time.  She says our kids seem to be the most savvy among us. They get […]

Back to School Illnesses…Please Don’t Spread The Love Bugs

  Back to School Illnesses…Please Don’t Spread the Lovebugs By Dr. Melissa Arca, M.D., with permission from Confessions of a Dr. Mom, Sept. 17, 2012 It’s inevitable. Children will get sick. I have yet to meet a child in school who went the whole school year without coming down with something. That being said, there […]

Summer, Swimming, and Swimmer’s Ear

(Great info from Dr. Mom) Although it’s not officially summer yet, it sure feels like it around here. Kids and adults alike are headed for the pools and with that, we typically see an increase in cases of Swimmer’s Ear (aka Acute Otitis Externa). If you or your child has ever had this, you know […]

7 Ways to maximize your child’s health

From confessions of a Dr. Mom by Dr. Melissa Arca, M.D.  When discussing the health of our children, the big picture perspective is hugely important.  We often (I included) get side-tracked or preoccupied with specific symptoms or worrisome habits in our children.  We want to know why those pesky ear infections keep coming back or […]

The making of a bully

Last week, I addressed a concerning issue from one of my readers about helping her children deal with a neighborhood bully. In discussing this very important topic, the heart of the issue cannot be overlooked…how does a child become a bully and why? Today, I’m so very pleased to have Katie from Practical Parenting here […]

The Neighborhood Bully

I recently received a message from a friend and reader regarding bullies. She has some very legitimate concerns about a certain young bully in her neighborhood that is making life very stressful for her two young boys and the rest of the kids on her block…..Read more>> Copyright 2012 Melissa Arca, M.D. (Confessions of a […]