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Simplify Your Sunscreen Routine Once and For All.

[We continue to thank Dr. Mom for her great articles and permission to link our parents to her website.  Here is more valuable information.] Doesn’t this picture make you think…oh, how fun. A nice, laid-back summer afternoon…heading to the pool. But parents, we know the truth. And the truth is the moments (or what seems […]

Help your child keep seasonal allergies at bay.

Help your child keep seasonal allergies at bay DR. Mom checks in with some good advice on seasonal allergies. Spring is here and with all the beautiful blooms and warm days comes the tree and grass pollen (the most common Spring allergy triggers). Combine that with the wind and kids spending more time outside and […]

Poison Prevention Week: Keep an eye on these 5 danger zones

Dr. Mom has another great article going this week. Take a look. If you have a toddler or preschooler, then you know they are a fast and curious bunch. They love exploring, and at this age they inspect with their mouths first and ask questions later. While a little dirt or sand never really hurt […]