“It was a hard choice deciding what school in Pleasanton to enroll my kids in. Little did I know how amazing the program at EDCC was. I was so nervous the first day I left my daughter in the Cubs building, where she met the amazing Mrs. Orman. When I picked my daughter up, she didn’t want to leave!! No words can’t express my gratitude to EDCC for helping a single mom like me feel so comfortable leaving my kids in their hands.  The teachers treat the kids as if they are their own. The program during summer and the school year is awesome. I am always thankful that my kids aren’t there  just to play and mess around. They learn and get hands on experience with so many things. It’s comforting for me to know that they still use their minds when they are at EDCC. It all boils down to the comfort I feel leaving my kids at EDCC and hearing all the great stories from them. EDCC has an amazing staff, that equals happy students and happy parents!” – Margarita Rojas, EDCC Mom – Walnut Grove Elementary  

“Our son has been attending EDCC since the summer prior to Kindergarten. In the past year, I can honestly say I haven’t had one complaint. The staff is kind, helpful, patient and it is easy to see they genuinely care for the children. The day care program as well as the summer camp is very well organized, and not to mention FUN! My son is eager to get to EDCC every morning. We are 100% confident in the staff and the outstanding care they provide for our son. Love love love this place.” – Sheena & Emmanuel Miller, EDCC Parents – Dublin Elementary 

“I am thankful everyday to have my children at Murray EDCC. The staff has set up a fun, encouraging, and safe environment. They have activities to keep the kids engaged, help at  homework time, lots of outside play, and healthy snacks. I am kept fully informed on all things regarding my children and enjoy the open communication we have with the teachers and Mrs. Pauly, the site director. I  appreciate the fact that many of the teachers have been at this site since my children have started kindergarten and for EDCC’s  low turnover rate. It’s very difficult to be a home of two full-time working parents, but having our kids at Murray EDCC sets our minds at ease. We currently have two kids here, and we will definitely be enrolling our third in a few years.” – Lynda Gonzalez , EDCC Mom – Murray Elementary

“EDCC is not just a place to send my kids afterschool until I come pick them up, it’s a place where they meet with friends and have teachers who care. They learn exciting new lessons and build their minds as well as their bodies. We have both our children enrolled in the program and could not be happier with the attention to detail that the staff provides. One of the highlights of the year is the winter show. It was outstanding this year and gets better every year. I love seeing all the Artwork that my kids bring home. I also know my kids are getting healthy snacks in the morning and afternoon. It makes my day a lot easier not having to worry about the “little” things. EDCC has really been a positive experience for our family.” —- James Vu, EDCC Dad – Green Elementary

“EDCC Dublin Elementary is an awesome place for kids to laugh, learn and make friends. The care that my girls get from the teachers at EDCC are above and beyond my expectations. The teachers treat my girls like their own which puts my mind at ease while I am at work. I highly recommend EDCC to anyone looking for a before and afterschool program. My girls love being there!” – Anna Heusler, EDCC Mom – Dublin Elementary

“EDCC ROCKS! All three of our children have attended EDCC since Kindergarten at Dougherty Elementary. The quality of the curriculum and summer program are the best in the Tri-Valley! Our twins love Miss DeeDee at Dougherty and all the staff have a large impact on our kids learning and enrichment outside of school!” – Robert D’Acquisto, EDCC Dad – Dougherty Elementary


EDCC has been in my heart for over 20 years! Through my high school ROP program, I began my first job as an aide at the Walnut Grove Pleasanton EDCC (my old stomping ground). Now, fast forward to the present time. As a parent, I have the amazing experience of being on the flip side. My daughter has now been attending Frederiksen EDCC for over three years and loves it!!!  I cannot say enough about the program at Fredriksen.  The staff are absolutely fantastic in all that they do.  The staff makes sure the children’s  needs come first and have an understanding that each child is unique.  They provide a caring and safe environment, which eases the mind. This is not a babysitters club, but a place where you know your child will be well taken care, fed nutritious snacks, be involved in science, cooking, technology, and even having the opportunity to do homework there. (This is a big one for me, so I can spend more time with my daughter at home) I am proud and grateful for the staff and thier outstanding director! – Christina Benner, EDCC Mom – Frederiksen Elementary

As a parent of a student who attends EDCC and a teacher at John Green Elementary, I want to thank you for being such a wonderful program. I have been beyond impressed with the staff, program, projects, curriculum, and overall environment at EDCC from day 1. My son loves attending and often asks me to pick him up later so he can stay at EDCC. It is incredible to have such faith and love for a program who takes such extreme care of your child. I truly believe my son benefits a great deal and when he is there, I am without worry. – Julie Parsley, EDCC Mom – Green Elementary