Teacher Spotlight

At EDCC, we truly value every one of our employees. These amazing educators help EDCC create the best enrichment program in the Tri-Valley! Here you will find a spotlight each month on one of our inspiring EDCC TEACHERS!

      It is with great pleasure that I nominate Ms. Charlotte Goddin as October’s teacher of the month. Ms. Charlotte has been with EDCC for 1 year, and within that 1 year, we have seen her grow and blossom into an amazing Lead Teacher! 

      From her very first day,  Charlotte immediately began showing dedication to her children and their families.  From her tremendous work ethic, and punctuality,  to her constant efforts and desires to see her children advance and succeed inside and outside the center, Charlotte continually leads by example for her children and team. What we all love and appreciate most about Ms. Charlotte is her calm demeanor under pressure. Nothing seems to ever derail Ms. Charlotte’s goals as a Lead Teacher. She is constantly focused on the task at hand and faces challenges head-on with no complaints at all. Her quick adaptability and her calm mindset make her a true role model and a positive light for her team.  

      Last but not least, it is no secret that Ms. Charlotte’s creative talent makes her such a gifted person. From personalized teacher aprons, staff Halloween costumes, creative art projects, and amazing classroom boards, Ms. Charlotte does it all. She is a true visionary and helped make Amador become a creative masterpiece!

      Congratulations, Ms. Charlotte!  Thank you for all that you have done to help make Amador become the best it can be! 




      I would like to nominate Ms. Nikhila for September’s Employee of the Month award! Ms. Nikhila joined us at Cottonwood on the first day of Summer Camp, and we are thrilled that she has been able to continue with us for the start of this school year, before going away to college. From the first day, Ms. Nikhikla stood out to us as someone with a very friendly and warm personality and she always has a positive attitude. She was very quick to jump in to teach and she is so talented and natural at working with children. Summer is a quick pace, with little time to train new staff members, so everything is learning on the job. But this was no problem for Ms. Nikhila who was always eager to learn so that she could be able to perform any task and help guide and care for our children throughout their day. She is always one of the first staff members to assist a parent, staff, or kid in need which shows her go-getter attitude and attention to detail! We have been so fortunate to have such a valuable team member, and I only wish she could stay with us longer! But we are so proud of her for continuing her education in college. Congratulations, and thank you, Ms. Nikhila!




      I am pleased to nominate Ms. Rachanaa for the Employee of the Month. Ms. Rachanaa is a fabulous teacher and a huge asset to our team, especially with the STEAM curriculum. She’s innovative and takes pride in creating hands-on learning for her students that keeps them engaged. This summer, Ms. Rachanaa took lead on the Texas Instrument Rover Project. She even figured out the coding program before introducing it to her student and learned how to execute the lesson with minimal guidance.  Ms. Rachanna’s students absolutely loved this project and all that she creates.  Congratulations on being this month’s winner, you so deserve it!



      Freshta is an intelligent, friendly, and loving person and teacher who makes sure every student feels welcomed and special in their own unique way. When things get tough Freshta is always reminding me that it’s okay and things will always get better because we are a team. Every day she challenges the Cubs to learn more and grow. Freshta is a fierce woman that works hard each and every day. She only wants the best for all staff, students, and parents. Her relationships with her EDCC parents hold so much value they never want to say goodbye. Respect, loyalty, and dedication are some words I can best use to describe Freshta. I am pleased to have Freshta on the EDCC Kolb team and want to thank her for everything that she does for EDCC! Congratulations on winning this month’s Teacher of the Month award!





      I am so proud to nominate Mrs. Veronica as our Employee of the Month.  Ms. Veronica has been a teacher with EDCC for 21 years. She is dedicated to her work and makes the long-distance drive every day just to be part of our team and to make a difference in the lives of our children. 

      Veronica has many qualities that make her a valued employee.  She is knowledgeable, dedicated to her work, and an overall fair and caring teacher. She values others’ input from her colleagues and inspires her 4th and 5th-grade class to be lifelong learners as well as good citizens. You can always find her students engaged in each lesson that Ms. Veronica teaches.   The students do not ever want to go home when their parents come to pick them up because they are loving the lesson.

      We are so grateful to have her on our team and we appreciate her.  I am so pleased to award  Ms. Veronica with this month’s award of “employee of the month”.  




      Gina Endaya, or Ms. Genie, as the children call her, has brought so much to our team over the years. Watching her continue to develop and persevere through any challenges brought her way is why I nominate her for this months,  teacher of the month.

      Gina has worked for EDCC since the fall of 2016. She began teaching in the Minnows room and, in 2021, joined the Sharks, where she continues to be a support to all around her.

      Gina is not one to ever complain; she steps in wherever needed and helps create exciting lessons for the children.  Since our move to the new building, you will find Gina with a huge smile greeting our children and families at the gate every morning, come rain or shine.  Here at Fred, Gina is loved by all.

      Thank you, Gina, for being the amazing person you are, and congratulations on being May’s teacher of the month.





      I am excited to nominate Mumtaz Mirza for teacher of the month. I have watched Ms. Mumtaz blossom tremendously over the past year and want to recognize her efforts. 

      Mumtaz joined the Frederiksen EDCC team in the Fall 2017. She started working in the Sharks room and after some time moved to the Minnows classroom, where she works alongside Ms. Cyndee. Mumtaz brings a strong work ethic and determination to help our students grow. She is a teacher who loves working with all ages and enjoys introducing social-emotional techniques to the children. Mumtaz also has great relationships with our parents and always has a kind smile to share.  Mumtaz is a tremendous support to all around her. 

      Congratulations, Ms. Mumtaz; we are so glad you are at Frederiksen EDCC.

      It is my pleasure to nominate Cyndee Ullom for this month’s teacher of the month. Through all the challenges we have faced, from the pandemic to the move into our new building, one thing has remained constant and that is the dedication of Ms. Cyndee.

      Cyndee joined EDCC in 2014 and in 2016 she became the Lead Teacher in the Minnow’s classroom at Frederiksen.  Cyndee is an excellent role model and source of support to all the staff here at Fred.   She provides engaging lessons and creative activities that propel each student to shine.

      Cyndee is a team player whose positive outlook on whatever may come her way is contagious. I am so grateful to have Cyndee on my team here at Frederiksen.  I look forward to all her successes that are to come and the creative ways she contributes to our center.

      Congratulations, Ms. Cyndee! 






       Carrie is a strong, inspiring, and loving teacher and friend. She comes into work every day building meaningful relationships with every student she encounters. Carrie knows how to make valuable connections while having a positive attitude. She completes any task given to her and has a sense of humor. The energy that she brings to her students, her classroom, and our center is contagious.

      Carrie can put a smile on your face any time, which is so uplifting. We can always count on Carrie because she is reliable, dependable, and hardworking. The staff at Kolb look up to her as a leader, and as her supervisor, I appreciate her dedication. I want to celebrate her beautiful soul and all the efforts she gives to EDCC as a whole. I would like to leave a quote representing what Carrie embodies as a Lead Teacher at Kolb. “Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing”- Muhammad Ali

      With that said, Carrie makes everything possible!!! I am so proud to have her on my team and can’t wait to continue growing, learning, laughing, exploring, and creating more memories. Congratulations Carrie!



      Sometimes we get a chance to nominate our employees who have been with us for a very long time, and other times, we get to recognize and celebrate our employees who have not been with us for that long, but who have already made such an impact. This is the case for one of my wonderful Teachers, Ms. Uma! 


      It was in June of this past summer that Ms. Uma joined our team at EDCC Cottonwood and we knew from the start that she would be an excellent addition to our team. She was very quick to learn the many policies and procedures of our company, and she shows up to work every day with a very professional and positive attitude. She is very proactive and never just sits around waiting to be told what to do. She also has a great sense of humor and it brings us so much joy to be around her.


      We can always count on Ms. Uma to take excellent care of each of the children and she is supportive to our staff and the families. She is a hard worker and always makes use of her time planning, prepping, cleaning, or helping the kids with whatever they need. Her lessons are always very educational and engaging, and she has the warmest and welcoming personality. Parents have let me know that their child is really enjoying our program and that they have specifically said such nice things about Ms. Uma at home when they are sharing about their day! That just goes to show that Ms. Uma is making a positive difference in the lives of so many children, staff, and families, and we are fortunate to have her on our team!