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Employee of the Month

At EDCC, we truly value every one of our employees. We have dedicated this page to acknowledging and congratulating them for their extraordinary efforts and success in helping to make EDCC the best enrichment program in the Tri-Valley!  Each month we will highlight one new employee for their accomplishments.

There is so much to be said about this teacher and even more to thank her for. It is almost indescribable how valuable she has become to our center in such a short amount of time. While this teacher has not worked for EDCC for very long at all, she has quickly become a part of our family at Dublin El EDCC and embraced her role wholeheartedly. She is adored by her students, inspiring to her fellow teachers, and appreciated by her director. Her ideas are endless and refreshing as she gets so excited to bring forth new things to better the center. To say that she is always one step ahead and on her toes ready for anything is an understatement. She goes above and beyond each day and does it all out of dedication and pride. 

She has added a very special touch all over the center that is so unique and joyful. Each one of her students trusts her and she gives them 100% of herself every day. She is reliable, communicative, and ready to take on anything at any time. It is very easy to see that she loves her job and enjoys being in her role. She is the prime example of what you would think of when you imagine what a great teacher would be. There is nothing that seems to get in her way, the word “can’t” is not in her vocabulary. Instead, it may just mean an obstacle to go around and she meets that challenge all the time. It is truly impressive how much she can juggle at any given time while making sure that all of her students are on task with their zoom meetings, assignments, and everything in between. It almost seems like she is a superhero in teacher form. 

She heavily impressed her director and fellow teachers on her very first day here when she was being trained by Ms. Amanda before beginning at another center almost a year ago. Since then, we wanted her back. We were so thrilled to welcome her back during the summer and even more when she agreed to take over as lead teacher only a few months ago. She was made for this role and is doing absolutely fantastic. Please help in congratulating Ms. Evelyn as she is awarded teacher of the month. 


Trina Salgado

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Trina Salgado as an employee of the month. Although she has only been working for EDCC for two years, she has demonstrated extraordinary commitment not only to the company but also to her teaching skills.

She takes it upon herself to provide exceptional support to her fellow teaching team members. She understands their individual needs and seeks means to help them improve and excel in their skills. She not only inspires her fellow teachers but inspires the children in her class to never give up, stand with confidence and always remember to use their “leadership voice.”

She treats each of her students with great respect and dignity.  She has helped create a positive environment that is very child-oriented and focuses on building positive self-esteem through high standards and well-planned lessons. She teaches with passion and enthusiasm and it’s amazing to see. Even our parents wait to pick up their children so they can watch her teach a lesson.

She is helpful, caring, and resourceful, and happy to offer service no matter the task. She often performs above and beyond and recently offered her expertise and teaching skills to our Directors. She showed us an old curriculum can be brought back to life with a more vibrant and exciting approach. Even though this was not required of her, she did so willingly and cheerfully! Thanks to her I think we all have our own “personal clap” Aloha to that!

She has proven herself as a fantastic team player and a natural leader. She is always cheerful and exceptional in everything she does. Her quick wit, attention to detail, and loyalty to EDCC deserve recognition and Trina is a true candidate for Teacher of the Month!

I am so excited to nominate Mrs. Sreyasi as our Employee of the Month for March. Although she has only been a teacher at EDCC Walnut Grove for a year, we cannot imagine EDCC without her. While we were in the shelter in place, she was one of the first teachers to volunteer to read a Zoom story for our students. Her laugh is contagious, and she is such a joy to be around! 

Sreyasi has a kind and gentle nature, which the children love.  She is definitely a team player in every sense of the word. Whenever there is something that needs to be done, she will be one of the first to volunteer, and she always helps her co-workers whenever needed.

She has many qualities that make her an exceptional employee. Sreyasi is flexible, dedicated, and we are so pleased to recognize Sreyasi for her accomplishments at EDCC in such a short time.  Congratulations!!!!

Jacky Arroyo
Jacky Arroyo

I am pleased to nominate this wonderful employee of mine. She has been working for EDCC for over 5 years now and we are so happy she is on our team. To say she is a hard worker is an understatement. Not only does she work at EDCC full time, but she is also taking college classes, she has a second job outside of EDCC and she always puts her family’s needs ahead of her own. Outside of work, Jacky enjoys spending time with her family (especially her little brother) and friends when she has time away from her busy schedule.

She is definitely a team player in every sense of the word. Whenever there is something that needs to be done she will be one of the first to volunteer and she always helps her fellow co-workers whenever it’s needed. She is committed to improving herself and always strives to conquer her goals. The kids really enjoy having her as their Teacher and it shows through the relationships she has created with them.

She has many qualities that make her an exceptional employee… dedicated, reliable, responsible, hard worker, and team player are just a few qualities that come to mind when I think about her. I am pleased to award Jacky Arroyo with this month’s award of “employee of the month”. Congratulations Jacky!