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2012 EDCC Annual Report

The EDCC Annual Report addresses the status of EDCC as we celebrate our 25 years in business serving the school-age child care needs for the Dublin elementary schools and Walnut Grove Elementary in Pleasanton.  If you are curious about how EDCC compares to other child care providers or EDCC plans for the future take a […]

The making of a bully

Last week, I addressed a concerning issue from one of my readers about helping her children deal with a neighborhood bully. In discussing this very important topic, the heart of the issue cannot be overlooked…how does a child become a bully and why? Today, I’m so very pleased to have Katie from Practical Parenting here […]

Is it ever OK to spank your child?

Discipline seems to be a constant challenge for parents as they go though the different growth stages of children.  There is a line between discipline and punishment, and far too often parents do not understand the difference or why appropriate discipline is so important to raising children.  So anytime I see a good article about […]